Machine Learning Week Europe 2021 Agenda Preview

The week of June 14th to 18th hundreds of data scientists, analytics managers and AI visionaries from pharma, manufacturing, marketing, insurance, and many more will meet for keynotes and extensive expert exchanges at 6 conferences on 5 days discussing the 4 key topics with the 3 best topic experts.

To better adapt to the virtual environment and make sure you walk away with the most relevant takeaways for you, we have a brand new format for 2021. Each of our experts will present the 10 most important insights on their topic in 10 slides in 10 minutes, followed by an intensive discussion panel and Q&A with the participants. More interactive, more interesting.

In addition, each conference will be opened by a keynote.

Following are our key topics for each conference day. Expert speakers will be announced shortly.

Deep Learning World – MONDAY

Our 4 key topics:

  • Image Recognition & Generation (RNN, CNN, GAN)
  • Natural Language Processing & Generation (NLP & NLG)
  • Deep Learning 2.0: GNN, DLR, OSL & Co.
  • Explainable AI (XAI) & Ethics

PAW Climate – MONDAY

Our 4 key topics:

  • Climate & Weather Prediction
  • CO2 Reduction & Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Farming & Forestry
  • Space Data for Earth Observation (AI4EO)

PAW Industry 4.0 – TUESDAY

Our 4 key topics:

  • Smart Manufacturing & Factories
  • Smart Logistics & Mobility
  • Smart Cities & Home
  • Smart Sensors & IoT


Our 4 key topics:

  • AI for Banking
  • AI for Insurance
  • AI for Trading
  • AI for Investments


Our 4 key topics:

  • AI for Media
  • AI for Marketing
  • AI for Sales
  • AI for Service

PAW Healthcare -FRIDAY

Our 4 key topics:

  • Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Clinical Research & Applications
  • Smart Healthcare Devices & Apps
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