Tuesday, November 14, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
€995 excl. VAT

Organizing & Managing Analytic Projects with David Stephenson

This workshop covers the key stages of scoping and executing data and analytics projects. This is especially critical due to the inherent uncertainty involved in this highly innovative field.

We start by discussing in detail how to align on goals, expectations and resources at the very beginning of the project, and then describe the importance of and process behind kickoff meetings.  We focus on stakeholder alignment, not only at the beginning stages but also on keeping alignment throughout the project and dealing with complications such as delays and setbacks.

We’ll touch on common tooling and frameworks, and how these can help along the way, and we’ll zoom out to see the big picture of product lifecycle, which starts with business goals and ends with ML ops, model updates, and communicating your success stories.


  • Situational Assessment
  • Data Landscape Canvasing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Clarification of Business Goals, Definitions of Success and KPIs
  • Communicating for Success
  • Setting Expectations
  • Securing Resources
  • RASCI Methodology
  • Project Tooling and Management Frameworks
  • Diverse Organizational Perspectives and Priorities
  • Planning and Running Kickoff Meetings
  • Managing Stakeholders (maintaining trust, escalating, etc.)
  • Staffing Across the Product Lifecycle
  • Case Studies


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