Machine Learning Week Europe
18 - 19 November 2024, Munich

Welcome to Machine Learning Week Europe 2024!

Transform into a data-driven business with machine learning and AI

The conference focuses on the practical application of predictive & prescriptive analytics, machine & deep learning, data & text mining, Generative AI and related topics in business, industry, government, and other verticals, covering analytical and technical as well as economical and organisational questions on strategic and operational levels.


We provide a regional platform for the European data science community to share their success stories and insights with their industry peers. Our attendees are experienced data scientists, analytics managers and AI visionaries from manufacturing, logistics, marketing, e-commerce, finance, insurance, healthcare and many more sectors.


On 18 and 19 November 2024, Machine Learning Week Europe runs with three tracks: Two tracks focus on case studies, exploring diverse topics such as business, industry, generative AI, finance, and healthcare. The third track focuses on technical and deep dive sessions, providing in-depth knowledge and advanced insights. We also offer deep dive workshops on the day after the conference.


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  • Technologies & Tools
    • Machine ~, Ensemble ~ & Deep Learning
    • Transfer ~, Reinforcement ~ & One-Shot-Learning
    • Data, Stream, Text, Process & Network Mining
    • Image, Object & Action Recognition
    • Speech, Gesture & Character Recognition
    • Natural Language Processing & Generation
    • Entity Recognition & Text Extraction
    • Automatic Translation & Caption Generation
    • Forecasting & Event Detection
    • Times Series Models, Bayesian Models etc.
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations
    • Model Management & Automation
    • Feature Engineering & Management
    • … and more!
  • Business Applications
    • Marketing Mix Modelling
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Lead & Affinity Scoring
    • Churn Prediction & Prevention
    • Demand & Revenue Forecast
    • Response & Uplift Modelling
    • Dynamic Pricing & Couponing
    • Dynamic & Multitouch Attribution
    • Bid Optimization
    • Website Personalization
    • Recommender Systems
    • Chat Bots & Virtual Agents
    • Applicant Scoring
    • … and many more!
  • Industrial Applications
    • Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance
    • Object & Action Recognition
    • Visual Inspection & Damage Detection
    • Capacity Prediction & Optimization
    • Demand Forecasting & Predictive Inventory
    • Route & Stock Optimization
    • Autonomous Driving & Flying
    • Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis
    • Fault Prediction & Failure Detection
    • Risk Prediction & Prevention
    • Energy Consumption & Generation Prediction
    • … and many more!
  • Healthcare Applications
    • Clinical Decision & Diagnosis Support (CDS)
    • Disease & Cancer Detection
    • Rare Diseases Identification
    • Risk Prediction & Scoring
    • Customer / Patient Segmentation
    • Survival / Mortality Prediction
    • Fraud Detection
    • Readmission Reduction
    • Capacity & Staff Planning
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Drug Discovery
    • Robotic Surgery
    • Personalized / Precision Medicine
    • … and many more!
  • Deep Learning Methods & Applications
    • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Networks
    • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
    • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    • Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)
    • Large Language & Foundation Models
    • Transformer Architectures & Attention Mechanisms
    • Generative AI & Multimodal Learning
    • ChatGPT, BERT, DALL-E & Co.
    • … and more.

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The Venue

Holiday Inn Munich City Center

Holiday Inn Munich City Center

Hochstraße 3, 81669 München

Need more information?

  • What's the relationship between Machine Learning Week, Predictive Analytics World and Deep Learning World?

    Machine Learning Week evolved from the Predictive Analytics World (PAW) conferences, which began in 2009, running in multiple cities in Europe and the US each year. From 2018, in response to vendor and attendee requests to have one place they could meet everybody, various vertical conferences (PAW Business, PAW Industry 4.0, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare), were brought together in one mega-event in Las Vegas. This was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from all participants. Deep Learning World was also launched as part of the family in 2018 and PAW Climate in 2021.

    Machine Learning Week Europe is following the same path, bringing some verticals together.


  • What is predictive analytics?

    Predictive analytics optimizes marketing campaigns and website behavior to increase customer responses, conversions and clicks, and to decrease churn. Each customer’s predictive score informs actions to be taken with that customer — business intelligence just doesn’t get more actionable than that.

    Predictive analytics is business intelligence technology that produces a predictive score for each customer or other organizational element. Assigning these predictive scores is the job of a predictive model which has, in turn, been trained over your data, learning from the experience of your organization.

  • Is predictive analytics different from forecasting?

    Machine Learning Week often include select sessions on forecasting since it is a closely related area, and, in some cases, predictive analytics is used as a component to build a forecast model.
    However, predictive analytics is something else entirely, going beyond standard forecasting by producing a predictive score for each customer or other organizational element. In contrast, forecasting provides overall aggregate estimates, such as the total number of purchases next quarter. For example, forecasting might estimate the total number of ice cream cones to be purchased in a certain region, while predictive analytics tells you which individual customers are likely to buy an ice cream cone.

  • Is this a “data mining” conference?

    Yes. Data mining is often used synonymously with predictive analytics, and, in any case, predictive analytics is a type of data mining.

  • Is this a “data science” conference?

    Yes. Predictive analytics is a form of data science. Moreover, it is the most actionable form. A predictive model generates a predictive score for each individual, which in turn directly informs decisions for that individual, e.g., whether to contact, extend a retention offer, approve for credit, investigate for fraud, or apply a certain medical treatment. Rather than solely providing insights, predictive analytics directly drives or informs millions of operational decisions.

  • Is this a “big data” conference?

    Yes. Predictive analytics is a key method to truly leverage big data. At the center of the big data revolution is prediction. The whole point of data is to learn from it to predict. What is the value, the function, the purpose? Predictions drive and render more effective the millions of organizational operational decisions taken every day.

  • Is this an AI conference?

    Yes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad, subjective term with many possible definitions—but by any definition, it always includes machine learning (predictive modeling) as an example of AI technology/capabilities.

  • Is Machine Learning Week run by a software vendor?

    No. Machine Learning Week provides a balanced view of predictive analytics methods and tools across software vendors and solution providers.

  • Is Machine Learning Week a research conference?

    No. Machine Learning Week is focused on today’s commercial deployment of predictive analytics, rather than academic or R&D activities. Separately, there are a number of research-oriented conferences; in predictive analytics’ commercial application, we are essentially standing on the shoulders of those giants known as researchers.

  • Are you considering new speakers for Machine Learning Week?

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