Speak at Machine Learning Week Europe 2024

Please read carefully the information below before you apply

Call for Speakers: Machine Learning Week Europe

18 – 19 November 2024, Munich

Thank you very much for your interest in speaking at Machine Learning Week. We’re looking forward to your application.

On this page, we have put together all important information on how to apply, some tips for a successful application and your benefits as a speaker.

Even though the deadline has already passed, we are looking forward to receiving further applications.


Tips for a successful application

1. Choose the appropriate session format for your content:

Machine Learning Week runs with three tracks: Business Case Studies, Industrie Case Studies and Tech/Deep Dives. Within the tracks, there are the following session formats:

A Keynote is a visionary lecture (~45 min.) on a major topic by well-known experts – there are very limited slots!

A Case Study (~30 min.) presents a concrete project and its business outcome – the company / client is presenting or has to be named! You can choose between a business- or an industry-related case study.

A Deep Dive (~60 min.) gives a deep understanding of a specific method, tool or topic – show not only slides, but also code, demo etc.!

A Table Discussion (~50 min.) provides the opportunity to discuss a controversial topic in a small group.

You can submit multiple applications. Co-Speakers are only accepted for case study sessions and only if it makes sense from a content perspective.

2. Always remember: You are talking to experienced professionals

Most participants are senior data scientists, head of data science, chief data officer or are working in similar roles for well-known companies (DAX, Fortune 500, Unicorns). Our attendees already have a deep knowledge of data science and want to apply data science to solve real business challenges.

Put yourself in the position of the audience: What would you like to hear? What would make a positive impression and make you feel your time well-spent?

3. The ideal session abstract:

  • Short and concise session title and description
  • Be open, honest and concrete: Name the problem, describe the solution, and quantify the benefit.
  • Give a promise: tell the attendees what they can learn from your session and how they can use this knowledge for their work
  • The topic should be new, interesting and relevant for the business
  • Show a demo, code, figures, examples etc.
  • One sentence – or a list of bullets – is not enough. More than 100 words is usually too much. Express your message fully but to the point.

Last but not least: Sales pitches are not allowed. We are vendor neutral. If you want to show results that have been achieved with a specific tool or service, you must always mention the alternative offerings that would let you achieve the same results.


Further important points:

  • Please check your availability on both conference days before submitting your application.
  • Please note that the organiser does not cover travel and accommodation costs. Check with your employer if your expenses will be covered before submitting your presentation.
  • If you need a visa for Germany, it is obligatory to start the visa application process immediately after your speaker confirmation. The organiser is happy to provide you with an invitation letter, if needed.


How we select our speakers:

  • After submitting your application using the form below, you will receive an automated confirmation. We review applications on an ongoing basis.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from our conference chair. Rejections will be sent out by our conference chair. Please note that it is possible to be accepted after the agenda has been published, although the chances are lower.
  • The selection is based on your session title and description. Submissions by the marketing or PR department and sales pitches will be rejected.

Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]

Apply now

Why you should apply – your benefits

  • Free access to all sessions on both conference days, plus a personalised discount code for your colleagues and friends.
  • Extensive event preparation and support: You will receive a detailed speaker briefing six weeks before the event, as well as in-depth feedback on your draft presentation. If you need more support or coaching, all you need to do is ask. Our common goal is to make your session a success.
  • Expand your network: The conference offers several opportunities to network with your peers, e.g. the get together after the first day.
  • After the conference, we will provide you with professional speaker pictures that you are free to use for your very own portfolio.
  • Personal & professional development: We will provide you with first-hand feedback from the attendees, giving you the opportunity to develop your presentation skills and get even better.
  • We will help you raise awareness of your topic and build your personal brand. Our marketing activities include social media posts, newsletters, and teaser videos.

One of our most important differentiators to the many events out there is: We are vendor-neutral and so is our conference program. Every presentation is hand-picked, given by experts for experts and our high-quality sessions always deliver actionable value and inspiration. We also encourage in-depth discussions and Q&A sessions during the event.

The result of this intense vetting process is that as a speaker at MLW Europe you will be presenting in front of an enthusiastic, international, and knowledgeable audience.

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