PAW Business Expert Round 3: AI for Media & Publishers


Thursday, June 17, 2021


11:15 am



1. Personalization for Regional News Media  (Jonah Kresse)

Regional publishers produce online content every day, but only a small fraction of this content gets a chance to be seen by readers on the publishers website. Personalization techniques used in other areas of business (e.g. e-commerce) can help publishers to show the right content to the right users, thereby increasing media time and gaining subscriptions. In our presentation, we present findings from personalization experiments conducted with several regional publishers from Germany.

2. Beyond automation: how to create innovations with AI – Where is the Tesla of the media industry (Peter Gentsch & Sebastian Döring)

Most AI applications in the media area focus on optimizing and automating processes rather than creating innovations. The talk shows various use cases and practical examples for AI-augmented processes and functions. Furthermore, it will be discussed how AI can be used to expand business areas and may be create completely new business models. Where is the Tesla of the media industry?

3. Demonstrate the Benefits of AI Applications Through Prototypes (Steffen Kühne)

AI does not live in a box and the usefulness of AI depends on the infrastructure around it. However, creating the necessary infrastructure for AI and machine learning is fairly difficult and tedious. Rapid prototyping helps us to showcase the benefits of AI and initiate a debate on what data we really need to thrive as a media organisation. Our prototypes show, that structured content and metadata is key for building new products and repurposing valuable content that already exists.

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